"I am the beauty of the green earth..."

"...and the white moon among the stars."

[Still] not sure what this journal is going to be yet, I'll let it develop. I can't post often due to computer issues and the worlds most unreliable connection to boot.

But be prepared for random and sparse posts containing both insomnia-induced silliness and lengthy confuzzling rants.

Sometimes I post graphics like icons, gifs, wallpapers, and fanart.

I'd also like to start posting lists, suggestions & reviews of movies, music and websites suited to Pagan tastes. Maybe - just maybe - poems or fics should I happen to get inspired, but it's not very likely.

Comments, should you decide to make one, are of course LUV <3!!! I enjoy (but rarely experience) conversations in comment threads that go way OT, fill up with pretty pictures, or have links and videos and sh*t like that lol.
Right now my LJ is a place for me to connect to the world outside my little corner of the world, find news or new interests, textures for graphics, scans of magazines I can't find or afford, keep in touch with interesting people and hopefully even discover fellow Zikki/Trink/DMC/GACKT fans and Pagans! :)

B. says PEACE! <3